Saturday, May 19, 2012

NodeJS: History of a Great Technology

NodeJS: History of a Great Technology

[2010-06-09] - Why Google V8 is not suitable for Servers (Russian)
[2010-07-09] - Nodes and Jetties
[2010-07-10] - Scaling NodeJS to Multiple Cores
[2011-01-03] - Gartner: Joyent in IAAS Magic Quadrant (NodeJS mentioned)
[2011-01-23] - Quick Benchmark: Java vs NodeJS
[2011-01-30] - Java AIO (NIO.2) vs NodeJS
[2011-01-31] - Node.js Interview: 4 Questions with Creator Ryan Dahl
[2011-02-05] - NodeJS: To V8 or Not to V8
[2011-02-05] - On Bruno’s Concern About the Current Coupling of node.js and V8
[2011-02-06] - Answering Jason on V8 governance and impact to NodeJS
[2011-03-08] - Yahoo code contributed to V8Monkey
[2011-04-11] - Mozilla progresses with JavaScript server project
[2011-04-14] - About That Hybrid "V8Monkey" Engine
[2011-04-19] - NodeJS on V8Monkey with Segmentation Faults
[2011-04-23] - News roundup: ... V8Monkey and SpiderNode ...
[2011-05-05] - Mozilla's NodeConf Presentation
[2011-05-19] - SpiderNode at NodeConf 2011
[2011-06-07] - Spidernode: 'let', 'yield' and array comprehensions in Node.js
[2011-09-10] - Hacker News - NodeJS: To V8 or Not to V8
[2011-09-11] - Ahead with Node.JS and Google V8


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