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Oracle Solaris 11: Session 3: Why We Moved to Oracle Solaris 11

Oracle Solaris 11: Session 3: Customers and Partners: Why We Moved to Oracle Solaris 11

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Oracle Solaris 11:
What's New Since the Launch

April 2012

Oracle released a series of 4 sessions on Oracle Solaris 11: What's New Since the Launch (see Session 1 and Session 2.) Various customers described by they chose to implement under Solaris. Some of the more interesting customers made decisions to move from VMWare to Solaris Zones.

Viewbiquity: Moved From RAM to Solaris, ZFS, and SSD's
Viewbiquity ran their cloud on a system based upon adding RAM to their platform as data scaled.With the move to ZFS, 4.5x data compression noted using ZFS, performance increased by merely adding SSD's, splitting mirrors across chassis (and rotate mirror off-site.)

BH Photo: Moving to Solaris 11
Immutable zones, Least Privilege for users in Zones, higher performance, regulatory requirements for one-function-per-server using zones, move zones between different hardware type (T or M) to resolve performance problems.
Oppenheimer: Moving from Windows/VMWare to Zones/Solaris
Reduced downtime for patching, reduced security footprint for account requirement using role-based administration, zones are invisible as far as storage and system capacity, 20 zones on a server.

Wells Fargo: Consolidation by Business Function
Reduce maintenance windows, patching with high-availability requires less technical resources (without splitting mirrors), 40K server environment with 40% human error downtime is being eliminated, zones for tier-1 applications for higher-availability, able to move zones directly into Solaris 11 environment seamlessly.

ULM University: Patch, Availability, and Live Debugging with DTrace
Patch management is easy with ZFS taking snapshot (allowing for rollback.) Patching takes a minute with fast reboot. DTrace is one of the most "outstanding tools of my career", outstanding uptime, makes administrators more relaxed.

MSC Software: Solaris 11 and Certification of Applications in Partner Remote Lab
Scheduled to do performance testing in the summer of SPARC SuperCluster. Oracle Solaris Remote Lab, to certify their applications. Oracle Partner Lab provides zones for customers to get qualified easily under Solaris 11. Virtual machines using latest solaris, database, and middleware - completely pre-configured, taking minutes to turn up for partners.

SAS: Solaris OS Differentiates with ZFS, Zones, and DTrace
Long time partner, SPARC in 1993, x86 in 2006. 30 Million lines of portable code between Intel and SPARC. Excellent relationship with Oracle Solaris Studio for development. ZFS, Zones, and DTrace differentiate product from all other vendors on the market. High performance without tuning. Guaranteed binary compatibility is an advantage as a cost savings. The November 1996 release of SAS still works, when loaded under Solaris 11.

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